Codia Acoustic Design Stage Audio Rack


Codia Acoustic Design’s “Stage” is a wooden audio rack designed to reduce the effects of resonant frequencies with diagonal slits of varying lengths and solid posts.

Design Features:

Baltic wood is a great shelving material. Besides its strength and hardness, the multi-layer plywood has different densities to absorb vibration at different frequencies.
Openings in different lengths can even out vibrations at different frequencies, similar to how acoustic diffusers work.
Solid aluminum posts eliminate more ringing compared to hollow posts.
Hard washers transfers vibrations faster than soft washers.
Washers also act as a decoupling media between wood and metal.
Metal spikes efficiently transfer vibration energy to the ground.
Spike discs help dissipate vibration energy radially in all 360 degrees.


Standard full-size rack, as seen in the first picture
Shelf panel thickness: 30 mm or 24 mm
Shelf panel size: 630 x 480 mm
Interior dimensions: 510 x 370 mm
Column diameter: 30 mm
Column lengths: 180, 240, or 300 mm
Up to 4 shelves

Addition options, as seen in the last two pictures:
Double width & triple width racks available
Shelf panels and columns available in two colors

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