Franco Serblin Accordo Grey speakers review is coming

Accordo Grey

Franco Serblin Accordo speakers represent one of the true jewels of fine high-end audio. They got the heritage, sophisticated aesthetics, great story behind and came from the hands of the master artisan himself. Franco started the revolution with high-end audio speaker design, extend the glory of traditional Italian craftsmanship to the world and concluded his life with two truly stand out products; Ktema and Accordo.

When I visited link Massimiliano at the factory I'v seen first series of enclosures of the new Accordo Grey finish. Unfortunally at the time they were not yet assembled and finished so Massimiliano promised to send one pair later for a review. Finally they arrived at Mono & Stereo premises.

New Accordo Grey speakers are created from multi layered hardwood with high density. Top plate of Accordo wood pattern is larger and side panels show the dense wood design. Combined with a pearl like line insert and both serial number and bass port created from chrome they radiate with a unique timeless and elegant aura.

For me Franco Serblin Accordo speakers are still most striking monitor speakers. Both visually and sonically. They combine the true passion and mastery woodwork jointed with the skilful technical implementation of drivers, crossover and acoustical propensities of chassis design. The result is a legendary product that created such strong statement, that many tried to follow, but failed eventually.

I highly respect the artisan approach to the certain high-end audio products. It's a rare art and dedication in this world of fast forward and massive production. As I've written before in my factory visit, there couldn't be a better person then Massimiliano to carry on the Franco heritage and his true spirit. His dedication to detail and to execute Mr. Serblin will regarding the things as they were intended to be is exemplary. Massimiliano gave his heart and passion to continue the legacy.

From card box, speakers and stand packaging to the manual and finally the speakers themselves, everything feels like buying a Patek Phillipe or something from Hermes, but with the functionally of passionate musical playback.

Stay tuned for the full review in due time.

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