Harmonix Enacom 230V review

Let the music begins

Not so long ago it was the audio department mainly deals with various kinds electronics, including its products like vacuum tube, solid state or the entire group associated with analog (tape decks, turntables, etc.). But now hard to clearly identify the scope of this concept, because we are starting with cabling extravagant extras such as a sticker on the loudspeakers to improve the propagation of sound (if you do not believe me try to check the web), or Buddhist basinets straight from the "Feng Shui", in its construction and operation along the ideas of bell-founders products. With less controversial things which are ordinary are still:

- Anti-vibration accessories (tables, platforms, feets and pads, etc..) The music playback devices, and even (horror of horrors) for cables,
- Current enhancers (conditioners, power supplies, filters ...)
- Accessories for acoustic treatment rooms - diffusers, absorbers, but also such extravagances as the famous freckles from Harmonix (invited for listening)
- All kinds of degaussers / demagnetizers, washers, straightening vinyl, paring and stickers for CDs

I will not named all ideas to improve the sound system, as it is not overwhelming, as human ingenuity can impress even the most open-minded. Audiophile community had already become accustomed to news straight from a narcotic sleep of a madman’s as enlightened individuals do not deny at the start of the proposed gadgets, abstaining from categorical statements until listening. Unfortunately, as in any group of hobbyists are present different points of view. The only problem is that the skeptics camp rejecting most of the "inventions" without first consulting them indirectly mocking approach should be "normal people" to audiophiles. Proponents of “mind and experience” are so focused for value-measurable, and so passionately involved in bringing a torch of education to those who want to see "enhancers" for yourself, as a rule, that kind of evangelism ends with the spirit of the god making don’t to her knees of listener conducted an authoritative tone deductions. As a result, this type of "Crusades" is now commonly prevailing view that "audiophilism" is a kind of disease. Well, I admit it's official: I'm an audiophile, I check the "audio-voodoo shaman" and do not hesitate to write about it.

As I have had time to mention this we now have companies harvest all kinds of accessories of, our systems at higher levels of expertise. With some of these "suggestions" from the manufacturer offer my electronics, I took a workshop something that even the biggest opponents have / should swallow - AC Enacom made by Harmonix operating on the principle of the Zobel system. I hope the public theoretical effectively mouth gag skeptics of the idea of ​​action and the only discrepancies that appear will address the issues of hearing the sound effect. Fortunately, I have nothing to prove to anyone and write what I observed after plugging the Japanese "smoother power / noise eliminator" in the AC supply line near the source of sound.

To be honest I might add, with a portfolio that I am associated with the tested brand. However, I hinted, it is linking with passion rather than a desire to lobby for purely financial. Just came time in our editorial office to measure the influence for audio components and this time it was the Harmonix. Who has a different opinion can read only a second opinion - I understand and will respect felt by your conflict of interest and any objection to my objectivity.

Enacom AC 230V by Harmonix is nothing but silencing system trivially by "nervousness" power in the AC inlet, or the distribution board, where will be applied. Detailed charts and technical information can be found on the manufacturer's website and Polish distributor. After plugging Enacom in the closest occupied by cable inlet, we do not know what would have to be satisfied (although these do not exclude e.g. devices with similar systems already in its interior), so the influence was negligible. In addition to in-home listening, which clearly confirmed the flowery descriptions constructor, I allowed myself to take contraption to Warsaw KAiM (Audiophile and Music lover Club), where the presentation gave similar results, and the audience were not aspiring students of the audio arts, but well-known designers DIY Forum. Listening to a wider group for me was the lack of conclusive proof of hallucinations. The march will add that in this mecca of engineers was not without trying to copy a character test, which "almost" made ​​it. I used quotation marks on purpose, because it carries a Polish beer advertising, "almost makes a big difference." A clone of Enacom affect the sound, but in different manner and not as much as the original. Of course, we received one vote for a clone, which is not surprising considering that every mother (in this case the father) loves his children.

Using Harmonix Enacom parallel to power the audio path, causing immediate consequences. It is possible that after the first few sounds there is no turning back, because peace in presentation is overwhelming. As if we got rid of the harmful artifacts, both those generated by the same device, as well as infiltrating from the outside. One moment disappears roughness of the highs for greater readability and tangibility. The mids, through the elimination of the background to the present time derivative distortion from tweeter, there is more information you receive, as opening up the scope and flexibility in creating virtual sources. Increases the amount of air between the musicians, allowing freely follow their actions on stage. This allows dense rock projects are easier to assimilate. Music does not blend into one, compact mass, but freely shows the workshop of individual contractors. Each pluck a string, percussion stroke or brush cymbals have a exactly beginning and the end, without disturbing the playing of the next phrases planned in musical performance. Eliminated is commonly referred to as "gibberish". Suddenly the music considered by us to be too noisy (eg, free-jazz) or as difficult is not only interesting, but also quite acceptable. These features Enacom, releasing unprecedented, silky smooth implementation of the vocals. Not only that, we can easily calculate the tonsils artist Youn Sun Nach in "La Chanson" from the album "Same Girl", this kind of saturation and the realism of the voice is so compelling that most of you will put into raptures. As if the producer played a microphone in ENT combining outstanding resolution with the lack of any sound commonly referred to "scream". Even loud listening is a pleasure, as we hear the voice of the potential and possibilities of vocal singers as they gave her a life and not through the prism of degrading distortion. So you can rediscover your music collection. Try it, and if you are open to interest served by Harmonix AC Enacom, find that life to this moment used to be gray.

While playing with the basic model of Enacom, came to me straight from Japan sent by the distributor Limited version. I've never had it even in my hand, so I was wondering what did they change in the structure ancestor that was to add a relevant authorized a stamp rising prestige. Unfortunately we cannot check it with no damage, but, truth be told, I did not expect any spectacular changes. But ... looking like "candy", small device shaped like AA batteries with short cable terminated in the power plug by Wattgate, moves the center of gravity sound a notch below. Of course, this is not a sound effect by inflating the lowest component (being received as silting), but downforce (saturation) color virtual sources, increasing their distance from the far blacker backgrounds, making it even more clear and tangible. This upgraded version features a bonus, while retaining all the advantages of standard Enacom. Personally, I have a simpler version, but if I had the choice to listen to both versions in the same time of Japanese manufacture, then i will buy a limited. In my view, increase quality fully compensated by increase in price. The potential buyer has the same answer, which of them will stay in the system, or even if the game is worth the candle.

I once tried to avoid such dangerous (due to unplanned costs) area, but I found that life is too short for boring monotony. I guess that's it, we drew him a full breast. In fact that our hobby is the "audio" test even as extravagant accessories, like the titled Enacom broadening their experience and have fun at the same time. Against all odds-fun first!

Jacek Pazio

System used in this test, its a complete set of Combak Corporation.

Electronics Reimyo:
separate CD Player: CDT - 777 + DAP - 999 EX
- Tube preamp: CAT - 777 MK II
- Solid state power amp: KAP - 777
Speakers: Bravo Consequence +
Power cables: Harmonix X-DC-350M2R Improved Version
Speaker Cables: Harmonix HS 101-EXQ (mid-high section): Harmonix HS-101 SLC (woofer section
IC RCA Harmonix HS 101-GP
Digital IC: Harmonix HS 102
Table: Rogoz Audio

- Anti-vibration: feets for power amplifier Harmonix TU-505EX
- Power supply: AC Harmonix Enacom Improved for 100-240V
- Room Acoustic: Harmonix Tuning Room Mini Disk RFA-80i

- Turntable:
drive: Dr. Feickert Analogue "Twin"
arm: SME V
cartridge: Dynavector XX-2 MK II
- Phono preamplifier: RCM THERIAA


Despite concerns arising from the obvious Jacek's business relationship with the manufacturer of the test objects immediately want to point out that for me, they had no meaning. I remember with what effort (including financial) and how to build it dramatically changed the sound along with the emergence of the next element of this intricate, monogamous Japanese puzzle. He found his perfect sound, audiophile nirvana and it sought and, though he looked on it almost every listening underlined that despite the undeniable class is not a "my way". The fundamental differences repertoire (including a penchant for heavy and brutal species) and continuing for several years continuous romance with files excluded in my case even a theoretical discussion on setting Reimyo home system, even in the light version (integrated CD instead of transport and DAC + completely different speakers). But various sorts enhancers, i.e. audiophile jewelry and trinkets are always ready to checking in their four corners.

It was no different this time. Its true that Enacom "tags" I have ever had, but they were versions for the speaker that if you change the speakers (with Audio Academy Tethys II mk2 on Neat Motive One) ceased to make any audible, (the positive even mention) the change and went into the void. Now, not only do we entered (the skeptics will certainly prefer the term "descended") on the level of power components that's in addition to extremely reasonably priced (of course, as the audiophile reality and approach to the subject of Mr. Kazuo) We received most coolest version Improved called Limited Edition. Both their actions are based on the Zobel system, so at least from the theoretical amount of audio-voodoo can be described as extremely insignificant. However, those unfamiliar with the subject may feel some discomfort ideological - sightseeing when they will have to plug in any of the tested tags not directly in the line, but the closest source connected to the network inlet. In short, something like bypass capacitors. A smaller but the theory and technicalities. Both pendants are cylindrical cans similar in size to a popular AA batteries, the Limited, is a little more swollen. There are also differences Improved wear and if needs be satisfied with inconspicuous, black plug, it's more expensive relative pampered with Wattgate 390i is impressive and much thicker section of the power cord.

That's the theory and the nature of the visual experience, now its time for listening. The first one went so touted by Jacek the Improved version, which frankly is not knocked my socks. Although changes after plugging were noticeable, but their intensity ... I would describe as adequate for the price. The bass and lower diameters not noticed any effect but only starting from a higher apparent diameter was some refinement and homogenizing media. Through decrease background noise, i.e. the density of the recent plans for it seemed higher resolution allows to increase the volume to levels that without Enacom threatened not only headache, but bleeding from the ears. Highs of gleaming sinking so far not quite negligible noise allowing for more detail contact with the musicians. That which previously remained hazy and somewhat veiled gaining in clarity and tangibility and what annoyed clinical coldness took on a more humane flair. Without siltation media, mitigate and blunting the edge of the virtual sound sources in a way out of digital artifacts as a result of offering a truly natural analogue. Consciously write naturalness rather than neutrality, because it's hard for me to say authoritatively that you do not hear Enacom’s the system, because you can hear it clearly and only on acceptance will depend on which of the states - before or after plugging deemed to be exemplary. Certainly glad holders should be systems in which analyticity threshold exceeded contractual dissecting and short temperature dangerously close to that of the coroner's freezer and the air can feel extremely intense notes of alcohol and paraffin. After plugging Enacoms details remain at its current, pumped level, but in addition to the surgeon's scalpel-sharp contours appear as desired tissue of healthy juicy color.

The real fun begins, however, when an inconspicuous ‘’Improved’’ replaces the ‘’Limited’’. At first, his action (in the pre-listening at Jacek’s system) I considered obvious autosuggestion, but when the exact same wording noticed changes in your system, howsoever Stop wondering and gladly gave up for listening. First, a more expensive version, having all the characteristics of a cheaper, extends the reach of the whole band and not just at the higher range. In addition, clearly increases the volume of sound, which is larger stage and localized in the band, which in some cases ("Stalkers In Tokyo" Whitesnake) leads to an almost complete reduction of scaling between what exists in reality and less a replica created by the audio system. Simply select the repertoire, in which the musicians and their instruments, they should easily fit in our living room, plug the Enacom and ... nothing magically we become partakers of the smallest gig in the world - just played a concert for us. Sounds intriguing? I assure you it is.

Fortunately, reaching for a more extensive line-ups do not have to settle for a compromise. Rescaling of course, it appears, however, since so far we have lived with it, and now it should not linger. I think that we are the happy owners of Hansen King 2, or JBL Everest set in the 100 sq meter living room. Then we can forget about the previous sentence. The rest of the population Featuring far more modest systems, at least for the god sake should listen the top Enacom.

So let's get back to the music. Beginning from XRCD24 "Planets" Holst (AA Philharmonic / Zubin Mehta) and ending with (almost) Exhumed Black Sabbath and their latest album "13" Every visit Enacom in on duty power strip caused a significant increase in the growth and density of the media. Personally, I think such changes as unequivocally positive, but immediately point out that under the extended play, Byzantine - Hollywood sound presence of Japanese "improver" may be a "natural fertility". We appeal to me also coincided with some favoring human voices, both women (Hanna Banaszak „Hanna Banaszak w Studiu Koncertowym im. W. LutosÅ‚awskiego – 5.12.2010”, Mercedes Sosa „Cantora 1”) and male (Frank Sinatra "Only the Lonely "). Their gentle pushing, directing more beam of light that makes increasing both communication media and the tangibility of the scene. Everything becomes more real and actual. The more I listened Limited version, the more I found myself on the fact that what I see, what I hear once before and it was not so long ago, "I transformed" and ... Bingo! Limited Enacom quite successfully mimics the PMR Premium! And this here is optimistic note, let me close the topic.

Finally, want to point out that this text refers to my own, thoroughly subjective impressions resulting from the presence of Enacom in mine, and therefore also composed of by my whim system. Fortunately, due to the negligible size and near-indestructibility reliable hot urge to borrow and try out these intriguing audiophile keychains on your own system for at least the weekend. Even if you do not be tailored to your taste will be another topic for discussion and are not the frothy, purely academic, based on hearsay fantasies, but it hurts honest - based on hard facts and personal experience.

Text and photos by Marcin Olszewski

Dealer : Moje Audio / Reimyo.pl


- AC ENACOM improved for 100-240V: 400 PLN
- Limited edition ENACOM AC 100-240V: 1050 PLN

System used in this test:

- CD / DAC Ayon 1SC
- Digital source selector: Audio Authority 1177
- Stream player: Olive O2M; laptop Dell Inspiron 1764 + JRiver Media Center;
- Integrated Amplifiers: Electrocompaniet ECI 5; Moon 600i
- Speakers: Gauder Akustik Arcona 80
- IC RCA Audio Katipo Antipodes; Acrolink 7N-A2050 III;
- IC XLR LessLoss Anchorwave; Organic Audio
- Digital IC: Fadel Art DigiLitz, Harmonic Technology Cyberlink Copper; Apogee Wyde Eye, Monster Cable Interlink LightSpeed ​​200
- USB Cables Wireworld Starlight; Goldenote Firenze Silver
- Speaker Cables: Organic Audio; Signal Project Hydra
- Power Cables: Furutech FP-3TS762 / FI-28R / FI-E38R; Organic Audio Power; GigaWatt LC-1mk2
- Power distribution board: GigaWatt PF-2 + cable LC-2mk2; Amare Musica Silver Passive Power Station
- Table: Rogoz Audio 4SM3
- Ethernet cables: Neyton CAT7 +
- Accessories: Sevenrods Dust-caps; Furutech CF-080 Damping Ring; HighEndNovum PMR Premium

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