HiFi Rack M.C.O

Real wood

This piece of audio furniture is styled in the classic Art Deco style. However, this HiFi Rack is for us one step further in the fight against vibrations that interfere with the sound.

M.C.O. is built like most of the HiFi Racks – based on a typical, strong and stable, audio furniture construction. However, in the case of this piece of furniture, on each shelf we put additionally platform, made out of special, vibration damping material called „Santyres”. Each of the platform stands on shock absorpting spikes and is covered with natural wood veneer – to preserve the classic look of the furniture. The effect of location an extra platform on each shelf, is that every component of the audio system is isolated from the others and from the whole construction.

The pictures shows our standard version of this rack.
On request, we make holes and a place to lay all the wires and cables in the back of the back leg.
Wood species in the pictures: African walnut and sycamore.
Kinds of wood are selected individually according to the customer’s order.

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