Jakob Janežič new amplifier

New amplifier

Finally I had a chance to catch up on with Jakob Janežič to hear his new custom made power amplifier prototype. It took him quite some time to refine it and the outcome combine his life's work and pursue for highest performance. His goal was clear from the start; transparency, unrestrained dynamics and timbral correctness.

Even from the first note strike there was a remarkable lightness of musical presentation. These days I'm very quick with my judgments. It either click or not. Jakob amplifier got the innards working in right way! SoulSonic's Miro Kranjc and Igor Kante of Vklop-Ubiq confirmed without second guessing the same conclusions.

Amplifier had only few hours of play, so it still needs a proper burn in to really show its full potential, but what we managed to hear was a really stand out performance.

Stay tuned for full blown review of power amplifier followed also by Jakob's own preamplifier. It was refreshing to hear a non Class D amp coming from domestic grounds. It takes much more knowledge to design great sounding AB class amplifier the using off the shelf OEM modules which is these days a common practise. And yes, I prefer well designed AB class amplifier anytime over 99% percent of D-Class mediocre non musical amps.

I appreciated Jakob non imposing nature regarding the sound and performance before even hearing the amplifier. This was too often associated with designers from home grounds.

Hats off for the work done and I'm looking forward to hear the production model soon.

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