LAB12 HPA preamplifier, USB DAC and headphone amplifier


The first LAB12 HPA just left LAB12 premises today. Custom painted in Lamborgini orange. HPA offers tube preamplifier with OTL tube headphones amplifier and USB DAC under one chassis. Look forward for this one...

OTL tube headphone amplifier
3x 6N1P tubes (matched output pair)
Blue Velvet ALPS Potentiometer
Handcrafted audio grade transformers (T.GIATRAS)
Special Audio Grade parts in every stage
SRSG implementation
Gold plated Teflon rca connectors
Headphone impedance selector (hi-low)
5mm Aluminum face panel with luxury painting (Pearl white, Etna black)
2 analog, RCA line inputs
1 analog RCA line Preamp output
1 USB input
Coaxial output
5 seperate regulated Power Supplies with SRSG implementation
Gold plated tube sockets
Five Years Guarantee


Power: 230/240 Vac 50Hz (1A fused)
Power consumption: 70 VA
Input impedance 50 kohm
Output impedance 32-600ohm
Preamp out impedance 4kohm
Frequency response 5 Hz to 100 kHz (-3dB)
Dimension (WxHxD): 32cm x 11cm x 29cm
Weight: 6 Kg

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