Mozart's and Verdi Requiem


In this exclusive Blu-ray Audio-/CD-Edition Nikolaus Harnoncourt dedicated to the Requiems of Mozart and Verdi.Among other things, the soprano Christine Schäfer sings as soloist in Mozart's Requiem, K. 626, and is accompanied by Arnold Schoenberg Choir, Concentus Musicus Wien and the well-known under the direction Harnoncourt.

In the famous Verdi Requiem Harnoncourt conducts the Vienna Philharharmoniker, an orchestra with which he has extensive experience as a conductor. The soloists Eva Mei, Michael Schade and others, and the Arnold Schoenberg Choir round off this recording, which features in Blu-ray quality through HD multi-channel surround sound with 5.1 and offers an unprecedented listening experience. Both Requiems are also attached to 2 audio CDs in hi-fi stereo quality, so that listeners will not miss any of the recordings without Blu-ray equipment.

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