Project Audio DAC BOX RS new


Project Audio debuts new DAC BOX RS. This is Class‐A tube balanced output D/A converter

• Double output stage allows selection between tube and solid state • Possibility to disconnect hea‐ tng and anode voltage including their power supplies in order to expand tube lifespan and save ener‐ gy • Double 24/192 BurrBrown DAC chip (1792) for highest performance • Additonal second swit‐ chable 32/384 BurrBrown DAC chip for true 32/384 conversion • Dynamic range 132 dB • Asynchro‐ nous data transfer from USB with switchable 32 bits/384 kHz BurrBrown DAC chip • Based on XMOS technology • Precision masterclock • Inputs: Asynchronous USB (max. 32 bits/384 kHz), 4x optical S/ PDIF, 2x coaxial S/PDIF, AES/EBU digital input, RJ45 I2S discrete differental digital input for CD BOX RS • Outputs: RCA and XLR • Silver or black

 (available 11/2013) SRP € 899,00

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