Project Audio POWER BOX S 6 WAY

Power Box

One power cable solution

• Improves sonic performance of every S‐Line product by delivering clean energy for powering with very good filtration and voltage regulation • Fiitng in rear side of Design Box 4 • Gives a neat finish of the Design Box • Suits: Stereo Box S, Amp Box S, Pre Box S, Receiver Box S, DAC Box S FL, DAC Box S USB, Dock Box S Fi, Dock Box Digital S, Head Box S, Phono Box S, Media Box S, CD Box S • Outputs: 1x 20V / 3A, 2x 9V / up to 3A, 3x 18V / 500mA up to 1A • Only boac

 (available 2014) SRP € 149,00
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