Pure Dynamics visits SoulSonic

Pure Dynamic & SoulSonic


Just recently I have had the privilege to experience the magnificent PureGroove Ultimate idler wheel turntable at my demo room. Why magnificent? When you hear (see) it, you will know it. Georg Ruppert, the extraordinarily creative man behind Pure Dynamics, kindly responded to my invitation and brought the following components:

- PureGroove Ultimate, 12" Jelco tonearm fitted with Denon DL103 MC cartridge
- Phono MC/MM MK.II preamp
- A 30W class A tube integrated

The speakers were SoulSonic Impulse, the amps were the legendary Audioplan Carat24 monos and the Audioplan preamp, all solid state energy bombs.

Firstly, Georg performed the set-up of the turntable, the phono preamp and off we went. Immediately it became obvious why idler wheels are the rhythmic kings. We started with Dire Straits - On Every Street album and the rhythmic drive of drums and bass was simply infectious.

Right from the first bars I have found myself tapping along with my foot. I have heard various Lenco and Garrad idler wheels on a few occasions and just fell in love with the sound they produced. To me, idler wheels reproduce the fundamentals like rhythm, pace, micro and macro dynamics, overall energy transfer towards the listener, etc, like no other turntable type. I don`t think there is a music genre that wouldn`t profit from these performance attributes and the fact that all this strongly adds to the overall believability of the musical reproduction, is something that shouldn`t be ignored. What I really appreciate is if the source, the amps, the speakers, just all the components, are able to preserve as much life/energy in the musical performance as possible and the PureGroove Ultimate simply excelled in this crucial area. 

Recently I have noticed some kind of "idler wheel revival" among turntable aficionados and new (or refurbished) idler wheels are slowly gaining in popularity - again.

BTW, I think there is another revival in front of us, namely, there are now three manufacturers of the Strain Gauge cartridges (SoundSmith, Emia and Clearaudio) and those of you who have heard them, know they can enchant you into the musical performance like no other cartridge. 

Why do I mention this? Idler wheels and strain gauge cartridges are almost hidden treasures of analog audio nowadays but I believe this will change soon.

OK, back to the PureGroove Ultimate listening impressions. We listened to a variety of classical music orchestrations, some Country Rock (Ozark Mountain Daredevils), some experimental percussion (Zlatko Kaucic - Roundtrip), Harry Belafonte (Belafonte Sings the Blues), just to name a few. Whatever we put on, PureGroove just kept me stunned by the overall sense of life it seemingly breathed into all music hidden in the record grooves.This particular combination of the turntable, tonearm, cartridge and phono pre delivered musical goods in spades, record after record I was drawn into absorbing the musical message with a kind of childish excitement.

Briefly, we also listened to Georg`s tube integrated amplifier and I must admit it is a very capable performer in many regards. It sounds very transparent with a high musical involvement factor - absolutely worth checking.

I shouldn`t steal too much space because if I`m not mistaken this turntable will soon land at Mono & Stereo for a formal review.

Let me just conclude by saying that PureGroove Ultimate should be experienced by anyone seriously interested in the highest levels of music reproduction THE ANALOG WAY and analog is still...well, when you hear it, you will know it.

Miro Krajnc


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