Rudolf Barshai

Barshai film

A few weeks ago Rudolf Barshais death Oleg Dorman visited the Russian conductor and musician on its age based in Switzerland. With his camera, he documented impressively monologisierende review of the 86-year old man on his career in the Soviet Union on early successes and political afflictions, to models, fellow musicians (including Shostakovich), and in particular those illegible note "of", with their We really enjoyed our decipherment Barshai had brought his lengthy, highly ambitious orchestration of unfinished posthumous "tithe" by Gustav Mahler in exile in Switzerland at the end. (For the jury: Lothar Prox)

The Note. Rudolf Barshai, a lifelong quest for one single note. A film by Oleg Dorman. DVD euros Arts 2059 528 (Naxos)

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