Straussmann MC-PHONO 2010 phono amplifier



The vinyl record is still one of the best ways to enjoy music. The quality of the music and the sound on many of the recordings made in the 50s and 60s is rarely equalled by today’s recordings. We therefore felt an obligation to develop a premium phono amplifier that could offer perfect sound reproduction from vinyl records.

The MC systems are designed to deliver only very minimal voltages. The task of the phono amplifier is to boost this by a factor of more than 10,000 in order to bring all the sound sources to virtually the same input level. It also equalizes the frequency response (the relevant standard is RIAA). In addition to the need for absolute signal fidelity, another of the major challenges was to avoid any hum or noise emanating from the amplifier (signal-to-noise ratio), to ensure that even the quietest MC systems can be ideally processed.

In principle the fact that vacuum tubes are inertia-free makes them more suitable for use in amplifiers, but very few manufacturers use them due to the level of technical expertise required. Our response to this challenge can be seen in the form of our MC-Phono 2010, a phono amplifier that has been designed as a DC differential amplifier and consequently does not require any sound-distorting capacitors in the signal path. Its balanced circuit enables external interference as well as hum and noise components to be effectively suppressed.

With an extensive range of features it offers users many options. Two MC systems can be connected to the MC-Phono 2010, and each can be configured with the most suitable terminating resistors. Settings can be made either directly on the device or via the Control-Center, or alternatively, using the connected remote control. In addition to standard RIAA equalization other additional forms of equalization are optionally available.

Like all other STRAUSSMANN audio equipment the MC-Phono 2010 is hand-made in our Berlin factory and is subjected to rigorous testing prior to dispatch. A protocol is made of all the measured values and this is supplied to the purchaser.

The quality of the sound reproduction provided by our MC-Phono 2010 is unequalled by any other commercially available system.


Circuitry: Internally DC-coupled tube based symmetrical diffential amplifier with MC input transformer

Inputs: 2 balanced input channels (XLR)

Output: 1 balanced output (XLR)

Control-Center I/O: 1 system connector

RIAA-equalization: passive, +/-0,1 %

Other equalization curves: optional

Gain: switchable 66 dB (low) / 72 dB (high)

Signal-to-noise ratio (Uin = 1mV, bandwith 20kHz): > 90 db (A)

Operating power consumption: < 60 W

Standby power consumption: 0 W

Housing: type of stones and surface of the metal parts can be individual customized

Dimensions (LxWxH): 500 x 400 x 125 mm

Weight: 35 kg

Warrenty: 3 years, tubes 6 month; optional lifetime (full service contract)

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