Ultrasone Edition 5 headphones

Edition 5

"Ten years after the legendary ULTRASONE Edition series was born, starting with Edition 7 in 2003, ULTRASONE is celebrating this anniversary with the release of Edition 5, a strictly limited edition of only 555 items worldwide. These closed-back headphones lead the field with their exclusive premium materials and the incorporation of new S-Logic EX® technology."

S-Logic EX® is a revolutionary refinement of ULTRASONE’s patented S-Logic technology and is making its world début in this anniversary masterpiece. This innovation is based on a funnel-shaped arrangement for the sound transducer, oriented downwards to the front, which results in a much more spatial forward positioning effect. The listening experience is practically indistinguishable from that of studio monitors and, unlike speakers, is not dependent upon room acoustics. The main purpose of S-Logic EX® technology was to further optimise the already impressive S-Logic effect. Intensive research and many years of testing have resulted in this funnel-shaped arrangement for the titanium-coated sound transducers, downwards to the front. These titanium-coated sound transducers are an innovation specially adapted to this acoustic task.

An further challenge was to keep the design slender and elegant despite the funnel-shaped arrangement that allows the transducer to be further away from the ear. With the Edition 5, the Ultrasone development team have risen to this challenge in style.
Each Edition 5 earcup is handmade from moor oak – hundreds of years old and unrivalled in terms of grain and colour

The finishing of the earcups with the wafer-thin, laser-etched aluminium logo makes each Edition 5 totally unique. The earcups are protected by 7 layers of varnish, further enhancing the natural beauty of the materials. With its cool sophisticated look, the black anodised aluminium headband emphasises the elegance of the oak earcups, turning every Edition 5 into an extraordinary collector’s item. For the earpads and the headband pad Ultrasone employs its tried and tested Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather. This leather combines silky softness with exceptional insulating properties, providing both outstanding wear comfort and perfect sound quality. The Edition 5 series is of course also equipped with MU-metal shielding to reduce radiation.

Particular care has also been taken with the accessories. The flexible 99.999% OFC cables are detachable. One 4m cable and one 1.8m cable are included, both fitted with Neutrik connectors. The exclusive storage case for your Edition 5 also includes a brushed designer headphone stand made of high-grade stainless steel. And, last but not least a headphone pouch is included for transporting your Edition 5 and protecting it from dust when on its stand.

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