Walter Kircher and Mono & Stereo event

22.11.2013 at 15.00h


Mono & Stereo special events are expanding. Another long term collaboration was signed with Walter Kircher. Along with sharing Walter blogs we're bringing dedicated dedicated high-end audio events. First in the role is following event on 22.11.2013. Check the specs below

Walter is bringing from Accustic Arts: DRIVE II:, TUBE DAC II MK2 including brandnew asynchronous USB: + laptop with JRiver and HD files, POWER I MK3 (the big integrated amplifier).

Walter will also bring along Totem Element Metal floorstander speakers (the present flagship speaker of relatively new highest Element range): Interestingly Totem Acoustic Metal has no active or passive cross-over parts in the woofer section.

As add-on the would be also a set of 2 or 3 Symposium platforms and rollerblocks. All cabling will be from Accustic Arts + Wireworld USB cable handling the digital transfer from laptop to USB DAC.

Event location:

Celovška cesta 76, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Starts at 15.00h.

Google maps location: here

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