XTC Rack Designs


Jason Lord of XTC Rack Design just send in more info about the company and products:

XTC was founded in 2011 at the request of McIntosh Labs CEO Charlie Randall. It's primary goal was to create a modular system that allows changes in equipment without having to buy a complete new rack and able to support heavy components. Because of our acoustic engineering background it was also paramount to create a system that was acoustically neutral. After 2 years of development we found the right combinations of treatment and materials to create not only a beautiful system but that system that can meet the demands of the most discerning Audiophile. 

The cracked glass is a laminate that is not a 2 stage furniture grade but far more. It's is a 5 stage process that makes the glass extremely inert to stay out of the way of your sound field. Your equipment in the rack is more likely to cause upset to you sound field than the racks. 

The metal used to make the frame is also treated with materials that are making the rack frame more inert than most other brands. 

XTC has entered the market at 1/3 to 1/2 the price of other high end brands with equal or better performance. It was market tested with women first to be sure there was a warm reception or less resistance from the other half of the household. 

One feature that was a must is that the products had to be 100% "Made in USA" by craftsman that take pride in the end result and the satisfaction of the consumer. 

XTC's custom nature allows for a consumer to choose colors beyond black, aluminum and woods. Piano Black & Piano White were the first 2 colors released to the US markets with REAL Chrome and Copper available as of November 15th 2013.  Customer colors available on request. 

XTC has been providing systems to manufacturers for about a year now for trade shows like THE Show Newport, CEDIA and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Manufacturers like Mcintosh, Boulder, MBL, D'Agostino,Totem Acoustic, Theil and Waterfall use XTC products. This coming CES 2014 will have more manufacturers using XTC Rack Designs for their displays. 

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