Akiko Audio 音 Powerbase Quattro

New from Akiko Audio

Sander from Akiko Audio just send in the info about their new Powerbase Quattro.

"Our Dutch designer Jack Akkermans had the idea to create a power strip from high quality materials, without paying attention to the costs of the materials or the amount of working hours.

Early on it had already been decided there would be a collaboration. Akiko Audio delivered the inside wiring and the tuning mix, whilst Kemp Elektroniks delivered the QA module."

Jack came up with the construction, neatly built from high quality aluminium and stabilised with block connections, whereby the luxurious Furutech inlets are firmly anchored to the base.

After applying the star shaped Akiko Audio Aerostar wires - made out of eight veins of silver plated copper wire, isolated by air and p.t.f.e. with a shielding for the grounding – a power strip is created that already sounds very good, but is still nowhere near finished !
The Quattro comes with a certain amount of tuning mix. The black resin eventually causes the entire content to stabilize, preventing vibrations and micro oscillations. The effect of the special resin is easily perceived.

The Quattro is fully appreciated in a set in which the owner has already put a lot of effort into the power supply. The right wiring, fuses and preferably a separate current group for the audio/video setup. This is how the Quattro shows what it's capable of, passing the current perfectly to all components of your set and that's noticeable!
The Quattro is designed for the spoiled audiophile, who wishes to only settle for the best and takes his hobby seriously.

More information; www.akikoaudio.com

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