Credo Audio System - The Pre

The Pre

I've just received the email from Credo's Michael Kraske. Company holds some really interesting takes on audio and we'll in the process of organising a deeper look into the company followed by test and review. The Pre is their ultimate take on preamplifier.

Preview: Credo Audio System - The Pre
On the home stretch:

A preamplifier without compromise, that is what our goal is. Now, on the home stretch, it's time to present some details.

Fully balanced signal path
Build in dual-mono
No potentiometer in the signal
No ICs for volume control
Fully passive circuit design
Constant input and output impedance
Separate circuits for audio- and control signals
Pure Silver transformer coupled
Cabinet made of 10mm full aluminum
IR remote control
5 x balanced stereo inputs
2 x balanced stereo outputs
Volume controller with double bearings
High-end opto-encoder for extra long life

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