Cyrus Lyric 05

New Lyric 5

Lyric 05 allows you to connect and play up to 14 sources, so you can listen to the music on your computer, Network Attached Storage (NAS) device (find out more here), CD or even phone in exceptional high quality.

We spent two years engineering the best audio technology to produce fantastic sound quality from a system which is easy to set up and use. Within Lyric 05 you will find a CD player, music streamer,Bluetooth®, FM, DAB+ and internet radio interfaces. However your music is stored, it will benefit from the advanced digital to analogue converter and amplification process also fitted into Lyric 05.

Browse and control your music with ease using Cadence, our iOS app. Or use Lyric’s learning IR remote control as your central remote, to control your TV and Satellite box as well as Lyric 05.

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