GRAAF GM 400 amplifier

Return of the GRAAF 

Here are the few insights from Andrea about upcoming GM 400 amplifier from GRAAF. We'll have and exclusive Mono & Stere world first review in due time. For know find below some interesting updates from the GRAAF.

The GM 400 is the first product from the GRAAF. They're returning to the market after a short absence on market. During that time Mr. Mariani never stopped the R&D. He pushed his research with vacuum tubes, but along developed a product that he dreamed all his life. This is a solid state power amplifier with which he managed to solve some of the problems, that are connected with this topology for the past 50 years. The result is GM 400. 

The GM 400 is not trying to follow the well known circuits, but implements new and original concepts that makes it both unique and completely different from any product currently on the market.
- The GM 400 design aim directly to the ultra-high-end segment of audio market.
- Everything is enginered and build in Italy. In legendary Modena located in the heart of the motor valley, home of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Pagani.
- The GM 400 will implement only top components and materials.

In 2014 GRAAF will have its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this they will release state of the art full balanced vacuum tube Preamplifier followed by other products following.

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