MyST Hi-Amp


MyST Hi-Amp headphone amplifier:

Two line-in inputs are on the back side of Hi-Amp amplifier. Each of line-in inputs consists from a pair of RCA connectors. So, two sound sources can be connected to the amplifier. For example, high-quality digital to analog converter and a vinyl turntable can be connected at one time. You can toggle sound sources by the switch located on the front panel of Hi-Amp.

The pair of headphone jacks are on the front side of MyST Hi-Amp. Both have a diameter 1/4" (6.3 mm). The sound volume on both jacks regulates by single handle. The sound quality of MyST Hi-Amp does not depends on whether one or two headphones jacks are occupied.

The impedance of headphones, can be from 8 to 600 ohms. Output power of MyST Hi-Amp will be enough for what would provide a comfortable for most users the volume in the headphones with any sensitivity.

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