REMOTE GALAXY by Flint Juventino Beppe


2L REMOTE GALAXY by Flint Juventino Beppe vinyl and disc's just arrived at Mono & Stereo. As always I'm highly excited by each package Morten forward to me. 

"Remote Galaxy continues the journey of 2L's Grammy nominated album Flute Mystery, and again the Philharmonia Orchestra is conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy to interpret these adventurous scores. The composer's deep spiritual interest in nature, philosophy and space is as central in the universe of Remote Galaxy as it was in Flute Mystery. Beppe's music leaves a unique fingerprint in the artistic world: there is quite simply nothing like it."

Read on my further insights of this new album.

This album takes you to the unique journey of dreams and self discovery. It's a vibrant, cognitive traveling. Like a grand story unveiling with each song creating a short musical essay of its own. 

Flint Juventino Beppe music sounds both simple and perplexed/sophisticated at the same time. Somehow with the selection of his music album embrace kind of organic emotional feelings that cut through the rational layers of our mindset. I love when this happens with the music. It allows me to plug out the world switch and immerse into the deeper universe of notes and long walks. 

Beppe vision of music is bold and unique. Perhaps one can call it an introspective and meditative. It reveals itself through the album like a book of fantasy. A deep tale with the dramatic twists and intimate moments of a deep beauty.

Flint Juventino Beppe works calls for a variety of instruments. Often organ,  brass and woodwinds followed by the orchestra creates an thrilling cinemascape

You won't hear the viola da gamba so often in the recordings and yet along with flute and clarinet this album adds another attribute to take a dive in.

In trying to rationalise the completeness and stand out emotional impact of this album the paragraph below reveals it:

Beppe is diagnosed with Tourette's and Asperger's syndromes, and his approach to life is self-reflective and as uncompromising as his music: "When I take a look at the mountains or the sky, I realize I cannot spend my time on anything but grandness. It's that or nothing."
As always, 2L's Morten Lindberg took care of first class sonics and appropriate acoustical space to accommodate this set. 

As before the high-res to vinyl transfer is great. It's great that Morten offers a choice for those of us that along the high definition audio cherish the vinyl as medium of our musical intake.

Album title
REMOTE GALAXY by Flint Juventino Beppe
Vladimir Ashkenazy, conductor
Emily Beynon, flute
Mark van de Wiel, clarinet
Ralph Rousseau, viola da gamba
Catalogue #
7041888518822 (Blu-ray)
7041888518921 (LP)

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