Rockport Technologies Avior loudspeakers

Rockport Avior

This was a great chance to hear Rockport Technologies Avior loudspeakers. Design and finish of this two beauties are impeccable and rarely seen even at the upper echelon.

Aviors are much more coherent, then for example Magico speakers, yet still beryllium tweeter makes a balanced presentaion a highly demanding task. These speakers needs a bigger room to breath, but they were designed with that in mind and they show it.

So far the only company that managed to implement the beryllium tweeter to perform at utmost highest degree and without typical harshness connected to them is Focal and their Grand Utopia. They are also in need of the proper amplification to show their best. As heard on many shows and in the demo rooms a specific company can kill them regarding what amplifier

As with many upper echelon contemporary speakers they seems to need a perfect matching to work and shine. And even then you it feels how you don't want to drive them with to much gain. Almost as standard speakers of so called high-performance collapses instantly when certain level of gain is reached. These is both wicked and alarming if you ask me.

All these only proves my conclusions. First, people are accustom of listening to music at moderate levels or what we can call a background music and second, there are not that many speakers that let the music flow with the life like energy and real natural dynamic impact.

It seem that most of so called high-end loudspeaker companies are pushing the technical aspect of design and simply forget about the emotional listening impact that loudspeakers should provide. Not only at this price, but as a primal value. I guess this is a clear reflection of the times we're living in. The era of confusing, informational overdose and absence of reality as it is.

Rockport Aviors still present the music much better them most similar speakers.Overall Rockport Technologies Avior's are very interesting loudspeakers, with a premium price tag and specific needs of amplification.

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