Sonus Faber Olympica III Loudspeaker review

Olympica III

My review of Sonus Faber Olympica III Loudspeaker was just published. Here comes the product, that bring Sonus Faber into 21st century with the respect for the past.

I've been following the Sonus Faber story of success from the early beginnings, both as an owner and later on as a reviewer. Franco Serblin started a revolution with his vision and design of speakers. Being based in Italy, Sonus Faber is successfully carrying on the message of tradition in careful handcraftsmanship whilst keeping true to their heritage. There were many design changes over the years and with the growth of the company, yet they always managed to keep the unmistakable aura and true Italian character of company's products. These days Sonus Faber is a part of Fine Sounds Group and along with McIntosh, Audio Research, Sumiko Audio and Wadia. This makes one of the most potent parent companies in the high-end audio world with the brands that resemble classical values and worldwide recognition.

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