SPL Phonitor 2 Headphone Preamp

Phonitor 2

SPL just revealed their Phonitor 2 Headphone Preamp. Here are the excited updates:

We are uber-happy to introduce the successor of our legendary Phonitor headphone preamp. We have kept all proven features while incorporating some major improvements — as such, the new Phonitor can be used as the ultimate monitor controller and preamp for three different sources. Likewise, we revised the 120-Volt technology in order for it to perform better, which resulted in our measurement gear being outclassed. Even our creative team got even more creative and came up with a fascinating name: "Phonitor 2." There's only one thing that remained unchanged: the price.

120 Volt headphone amp and preamp/monitor controller
For dynamic and balanced headphones
For all headphones with an impedance of >10 Ohms (>40 Ohms for balanced headphones)
Volume adjustment with any remote control
Maximum Output Power: 3.640 mW (30,16 Veff/250 Ohms)
Frequency response: 4Hz - 480kHz (-3dB)
THD+N: HP 0.00091 %, Line output 0.00085%
Dynamic range: HP 133.62dB/Line 134.37dB
Available in December
MSRP: 1,649€

Phonitor 2

Modell 1280 | 120 volts amplifier for headphones, active speakers or power amplifiers

NEW in Phonitor 2

Preamplifier/Monitor Controller functionality
Suited for all headphones and impedances
Volume remotely controllable

Special Features

The Reference ─ the Phonitor2 sets new technical and sound standards.
For loudspeakers and headphones ─ two-channel 120 Volt amp for headphones and active loudspeakers or power amps
Optimally suited also for low-impedance headphones (starting from 10 Ohm, 40 Ohm for balanced headphones)
Remote volume control with motor potentiometer via any IR RC (Learn mode at Phonitor2)
High-resolution laterality correction compensates right/left hearing differences
Switchable level adjustment (consumer to professional level, 1:1, +6dB, +12 dB)

Stereo preamplification and headphone amplification for three sources
High-quality music playback at home
Central monitoring unit in professional environments with all classic features like phase reverse, solo, mono
Re-Amping (for example, level boost after analog master processing)
Headphone amplifier for all headphone systems and impedances
Loudspeaker simulation with headphones
Monitoring alternative in studios and mobile units
Adjustment of headphone playback to match familiar monitor speakers
Mobile reproduction of usual monitoring conditions

The New Heart Of Music Playback: Phonitor2

Many Phonitor2 users told us they wished they could also use the unmatched signal quality that the Phonitor2 provides to feed their speakers. And so began to take form the idea of making its successor a full-fledged stereo preamp that could become the heart of modern professional and home systems alike where headphones have a preeminent importance.

Remote Control

The volume can be controlled remotely. Naturally, the audio signal is controlled via a high-quality motor potentiometer in that case. To control it you can use any IR remote control: the remote must not learn the Phonitor2, but rather the Phonitor2 learns to understand your remote's signal.

Home Listening

Home users can enjoy a central control unit for modern music playback of stereo signals that supports all known formats ─ and that with an unheard-of price/performance ratio. The Phonitor2 matches perfectly modern playback concepts: minimalist chains with active speakers and almost any pair of headphones can be centrally fed via three different paths, thanks to an integrated high-quality amplifying and signal-managing concept.

Sound Engineers

Besides being a reference-quality Monitor Controller, the Phonitor2, together with a carefully matched pair of headphones, offers professional users an excellent monitoring alternative to their main speakers. The audio quality and features of the Phonitor2 provide the best conditions to work effectively without hearing fatigue.

120 Volt Technology

The foundations of this high-end-development is our 120 Volt reference technology: specially developed and manufactured op-amps that run on an operating voltage of 120 volts, which corresponds to approximately twice that of most modern analog audio semiconductor technologies. The musical result is not to be mistaken: Regardless of the monitoring means, regardless of how loud you monitor – the Phonitor2 always remains a distant, impartial factor unaffected when used to capacity and beyond being overloaded. All frequencies are reproduced in balance, basses are stable and tight, mids are clear and differentiated and highs remain transparent and soft. Particularly striking is the fact that you can easily listen to every detail. Hearing fatigue makes it usually harder to carefully listen to and understand complex signals over a long period of time. The Phonitor 2 reverses this situation turning it into a pleasant listening experience that leaves you longing for more.


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