Wax Rax RC-1 Classic Silver


200 – 250 LP Capacity. Designed to hold a sizeable portion of your collection.

Record store layout. Flip through the four front-facing compartments of the top shelf to find that special LP or compile your playlist.

Easy queue bottom shelf design. Our bottom shelf compartments give you space to queue up your record albums for future rotation.

All-aluminum assembly. Durable, sturdy, yet still light enough to maneuver 200-plus LPs.

Classic anodized finish. Every part receives a specialized finish that creates a decorative and corrosion resistant finish.

Custom aluminum hardware. Proprietary CNC machined features made just for the RC-1.

Specs 20.2 W x 36.7 H x 33.6 L Weight 75 lbs (empty)

Built by hand in Brooklyn NY. Each RC-1 is made-to-order in our Brooklyn workshop and hand-stamped with its own unique serial number.

Mobilize your collection!

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