Audial Model A stereo amplifier

Model A

Pedja Rogic just sent in info about his new amplifier:

"Recognised in previous seven years as DAC specialist, Audial is entering this year with its first amplifier.

Model A is minimalist concept stereo amplifier based on linear IC, with several optional features, that makes possible both to keep signal path clean and short, and also to address specific requirements."

At its front end, Model A utilizes low impedance shunt potentiometer, bringing a breakthrough in volume control domain, and it is hence ideally partnered with Audial DACs, or other solid state sources able to drive 1 kOhm or similar load. For more broad compatibility, more conventional 25 - 50 kOhm input impedance is available.

As expected from Audial, layout and parts are tweaked to the highest level. In addition, premium parts option includes pure copper connectors, uninsulated internal wiring and cermet potentiometer.

Model A is available as 2 x 25 W or 2 x 50 W optimized version.

Manufacturer's site:
Product page:

Price: 850 – 1250 EUR, depending on features

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