BMC Audio Pure Vox loudspeakers

Pure Vox

BMC Audio Pure Vox loudspeakers will be available around March 2014.

1.The Bipolar Concept

2.Multi-Layer Cabinet

Multi-level box built from a single aluminium pressed to reduce internal damping and resonances. It's pressed by 1,200 tons of pressure with the same process used to create tank shelve.  B.M.C claims, that this speaker is also immune to moisture and the effects of ageing. Completely sealed box also supposed to eliminates the bass resonance phenomena.

3.Drivers by B.M.C. Audio
B.M.C own monomers Each channel spots two AMT tweeter, two Kevlar/fiberglass audio settings.

 B.M.C provides special speaker terminals (SpeakON Terminal) with a small switch, that can make sound adjustments in two modes; fresh or warm voice.

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