CABLE4YOU X-Quisite™ „custom limited edition speaker cables“ - ULTIMATE EDITION

Ultimate Edition

CABLE4YOU Audio introduces a new „Ultimate Edition" loudspeaker cable CABLE4YOU X-Quisite™ „custom limited edition product“. The new X-Quisite™ loudspeaker cables utilize CABLE4YOU´s extremely sophisticated new technology LineAIR™ (Linear Dielectric Air Circuit Technology), that is comprised solely of specially designed PTFE segments and free air between the conductors. Dielectric system LineAIR™ reduces sonic degradation to an absolute minimum.
Geometry of this „Ultimate Edition" cable and design of the conductor can offer low inductance, eliminates the self-induced deformation of the audio signal, minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference and reactance and have good rejection to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). To protect the signal from unwanted external electromagnetic interference, the conductors are placed behind ultra effective multiple shielding. This new design provides superior sonic performance and preserves the constant quality unchanged for years due to very high resistance to outside influences.

CABLE4YOU X-Quisite™ „custom limited edition roduct“.loudspeaker cable employ ultra high purity conductors. X-Quisite™ conductors are made from uncompromisingly pure material GALLO/JET™/HG-AG-OCCLC (High Gloss AG on Core Ohno Casting Oxygen Free High Conductivity Linear Crystal Conductor). We aim to achieve the highest attainable quality in accordance with application high-end audio standards and customer requirements. The onductors are custom manufactured by CABLE4YOU in Switzerland. Swiss engineered with medical and military standard is the best guarantee of top-quality and excellent performance. This excellent material with a mirror polished finish is made possible

by the combined application of high technology and traditional Swiss standards. The GALLO/JET™ solid core conductors that CABLE4YOU uses in its X-Quisite™ loudspeaker cables is of the finest quality available to achieve the desired result. Solid core conductors are used instead of stranded to avoid the myriad of problems that can arise from the use of stranded conductors. Accurately designed diameter of the conductors reduces cable capacitance and it eliminates concerns over skin effect The skin effect is the tendency of current to travel on the outside of a conductor as the frequency rises. Conductors used in X-Quisite™ loudspeaker cables are well-designed AWG to eliminate any frequency attenuation. If a suitably dimensional conductor is designed, the skin effect can be virtually eliminated. With its GALLO/JET™ conductors, the X-Quisite™ loudspeaker cables provides pure, open high frequencies with no sharpness or harshness and offers a natural, non-resonant tonal quality across the frequency range.

With CABLE4YOU X-Quisite™ „custom limited edition product“ in your system, here's a prediction: On first play, you'll be up all night as you rediscover your music. The result is astonishing: greater resolution, vivid tonal colors, dynamics, cleaner and readable backgrounds with larger and more stable 3D soundstage, and deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range. X-Quisite™ loudspeaker cables transferring diaphanous fine and crystal clear musical micro-detail so vital to recreating the illusion of a live performance. All music performance will be significantly more natural and believable on your own audio system. The primary goal is only the best possible sound quality.

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