CLONES audio presents new 55pm power amps


One of my favourite components of 2013 were Clones Audio 25pm mono blocks. You can find my review of them here. Now Funjoe is bringing the more powerful version 55pm.

55pm is the new mono power amplifier to replace the 50pm. Separate casing and power supply provides cleaner imaging and more extension on both ends of the audio spectrum as your speakers have the power they need to reproduce demanding frequencies and dynamic range.

The 55pm has more punch and control over the lower freqency, while 25pm sounds a bit warm in comparison.



Output power: 55W (8ohms)/100W (4ohms)
Input impedance: 22k ( unbalanced only)
Gain: 30dB, input impedance: 22k
Signal to Noise Ratio: <95db br="" min="">Dimensions:170(w)x100(h)x170(d)mm
Weight: 4.5kg/each
* 5 year warranty

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