darTZeel LHC-208 integrated streaming amplifier

New darTZeel

darTZeel is proud introducing it’s first integrated line amplifier with full digital streaming capabilities. It's powerful, easy to use, extremely versatile, the LHC-208 fills the gap between conventional DACs and integrated amplifiers available so far.

Key features include:
・Newly designed TFT tactile screen for intuitive, user-friendly operation.
・4 analog inputs.
・6 digital inputs.
・Up to 352.8/24 and 2xDSD.
・Unique darTZeel Smart Clock system.
・Special darTZeel cooling control.
・Full HT bypass function.
・Remote via computer or tablet.
・Optional infrared remote control.
・Headroom for additional features.
・Full aluminium chassis.

With its innovative design, darTZeel breaks the musical frontier of dematerialized music.
Whatever the source format, the LHC-208 will treat, decode and play digital files as if they were purely analog.

Listening is believing.

Technical data
・Normal output power:
-  200watts RMS(220 watts peak)@8 ohms
-  300watts RMS(330 watts peak)@4 ohms
-  325watts RMS(375 watts peak)@2 ohms (software limited)
・Line Gain:
-  0dB normal, up to +12dB
・Power Stage Gain:
-  26dB@8ohms
・Analog Inputs:
-  1xZeel 50-ohm BNC
-  3xRCA line
-  1xAUX 3.5mm front panel jack
・Digital Inputs:
-  1xRJ45 Network
-  1xUSB
-  2xSPDIF (RCA 75 ohms)Z
-  2xTOS Link
・Analog Output:
-  1xHeadphone 6.35mm front panel jack
・Frequency response:
-  7Hz-170kHz +0,-6 dB
-  20Hz-20kHz +0,-0.5dB
・Rise time:
-  <0 .8="" br="" s="">・Slew rate:
-  >100Wμs, peak-peak
・DC output voltage:
-  +- 15mV max
・Normal Harmonic Distortion:
-  <1 77khz="" 7hz="" br="" from="" to="">・temporal Distortion:
-  None, at any level and load, as specified above
-  <-80db br="" khz="">・Signal to noise ratio:
-  >105 dB(A) @ normal power
・Power consumption:
-  2 watts Standby, 40watts @idle, 900watts @maximum output power
・Size in mm:
-  440 x 350 x 130 (WxDxH)
・Net weight:
-  16kg


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