Dire Straits Limited Edition Deluxe Audiophile 180 Gram 8LP Box Set

Deluxe Dire Straits

For all the Dire Straits fans. This is a true jewel. Hurry, Limited Time Sale Price! Limited Edition Deluxe Audiophile 180 Gram 8LP Box Set! All Six Studio Albums!Mastered by Bernie Grundman & Bob Ludwig!

For the first time, the CD running order with full length versions of the tracks have been restored to Brothers In Arms and On Every Street now both presented as 2LP sets!

Emerging on the scene in 1977, Dire Straits became one of the most comercially successful bands of its time. Led with virtuoso skill by vocalist/guitarist, Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits was behind such hits as "Sultans of Swing," "Brothers In Arms," "Romeo and Juliet," and "So Far Away."

Propelled by Mark Knopfler's literate songs, gruff vocals, and spidery guitar work, Dire Straits had overcome initial skepticism for their resistance to '70s new wave accents in favor of their rootsy traditionalism. The band's sound drew from a variety of musical influences, including jazz, folk, and blues. As their career progressed, Dire Straits became more refined and the band became one of the leaders of a group of mature, veteran musicians that designed their music to appeal to aging baby boomers.

The Dire Straits Complete Studio Albums 1978-1991 box set collects the band's six successful studio albums spanning a timeframe of 13 years. The boxset begins with the band's self-titled debut album, followed by Communique and Making Movies released in 1979 and 1980 respectively. Love Over Gold came next, released two years later in 1982, with the band's most successful effort, Brothers In Arms, arriving in 1985. Dire Straits' 1991 release, On Every Street, came to be the band's final studio album before calling it quits.

Bernie Grundman mastered the first four titles from analogue masters, with lacquers cut by Grundman and Chris Bellman; Brothers in Arms and On Every Street mastered by Bob Ludwig and cut by Chris Bellman. All are pressed on beautiful 180 Gram Vinyl. The CD running order with full length versions of the tracks have been restored to Brothers In Arms, now presented as a 2xLP set, as well as a double vinyl of On Every Street.

With restored original artwork, an attractive box set slip case, and limtied time download cards, the Dire Straits Complete Studio Albums 1978-1991 box set is a strictly limited edition must have!

• Limited Edition
• Mastered from the original analogue and digital masters by Bernie Grundman & Bob Ludwig
• Laquers Cut by Bernie Grundman & Chris Bellman
• Deluxe 180g Vinyl 8LP Box Set (6 Album)
• Original Artwork Restored
• Housed in handsome box set slipcase
• Limited time download card

Dire Straits - 1978
Side One:
1. Down To The Waterline
2. Water Of Love
3. Setting Me Up
4. Six Blade Knife
5. Southbound Again
Side Two:
1. Sultans Of Swing
2. In The Gallery
3. Wild West End
4. Lions

Communique - 1979
Side One:
1. Once Upon A Time In the West
2. News
3. Where Do You Think You're Going?
4. Communique
Side Two:
1. Lady Writer
2. Angel of Mercy
3. Portobello Belle
4. Single Handed Sailor
5. Follow Me Home

Making Movies - 1980
Side One:
1. Tunnel of Love
2. Romeo and Juliet
3. Skateaway
Side Two:
1. Expresso Love
2. Hand In Hand
3. Solid Rock
4. Les Boys

Love Over Gold - 1982
Side One:
1. Telegraph Road
2. Private Investigations
Side Two:
1. Industrial Disease
2. Love Over Gold
3. It Never Rains

Brothers In Arms - 1985 (2LP)
LP 1 - Side One:
1. So Far Away
2. Money for Nothing
LP 1 - Side Two:
1. Walk of Life
2. Your Latest Trick
LP 2 - Side Three:
1. Why Worry
2. Ride Across the River
LP 2 - Side Four:
1. The Man’s Too Strong
2. One World
3. Brothers in Arms

On Every Street - 1991 (2LP)
LP 1 - Side One:
1. Calling Elvis
2. On Every Street
3. When It Comes To You
LP 1 - Side Two:
1. Fade To Black
2. The Bug
3. You And Your Friend
LP 2 - Side Three:
1. Heavy Fuel
2. Iron Hand
3. Ticket To Heaven
LP 2 - Side Four:
1. My Parties
2. Planet of New Orleans
3. How Long

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