EMM Labs MTRX reference monoblocks


EMM Labs celebrates the eagerly anticipated return of designer Ed Meitner to the world of power amplifiers with the debut of his MTRX reference monoblocks. It has been twenty years since the last Meitner audiophile amp and the MTRX is well worth the wait. More than a decade in the making these 1500W Class A/B solid-state powerhouses are able to drive the most fiendish and complex speaker loads effortlessly, while sounding as sweet, musical and detailed as a classic single-ended triode tube amps. “It is truly a gentle giant,” said Ed Meitner.

The MTRX monoblocks achieve their superlative performance and transparency using 21st century technology with proprietary Meitner circuit topologies and zero overall negative feedback. These systems are fully discrete, offering ultra low distortion, very high bandwidth with the ability to deliver huge and instantaneous output currents. The MTRX monoblocks are designed with short and fully balanced audio paths, impeccable speaker protection and self-protection.

Conservatively rated at 750W into 8 Ohms, 1500W into 4 Ohms and they are capable to drive loads well below 2 Ohms impedance effortlessly.

Available in very limited yearly pre-ordered production. Ultrafine CNC finish in silver and black with customers choice of 24K Gold (hard coated plating), Silver (deep nickel plating) and Titanium (dark grey brushed aluminum) center inserts and buttons.

EMM Labs MTRX mono-block reference amplifiers $130,000 US per stereo pair or $75,000 US per monoblock.

EMM Labs and Meitner Audio Digital will be issuing a general DSP update in the next months for all our products. This free software update for our proprietary DAC systems will take all our products up to that next level of audio performance. Along with this update, EMM Labs and Meitner Audio are also working on updates for all our products to support double DSD and DXD PCM audio formats.


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