EMMESpeakers Da Vinci Loudspeakers review

Da Vinci

It seems that this year is a celebration of fine Italian art in my home. With the series of exclusive reviews and interviews I'm continuing with the already known EMMESpeakers. As big as Italy seems to be, it is still a small close circle in the specific industry branch. Have already reviewed EMMESpeakers EmmeRack and their Beta speakers and loved them both. Am clearly found of stylish and highly functional objects of fine design and execution and EMMESpeakers Lorenzo Martineli continues to explore what's he calling a passion and style with emotional impact that breaths with a true Italian spirit. 

EMMESpeakers products are enough different and unique to make them instantly recognizable. This is one of best compliments one can get in any field of creation. I remember from one the interviews with Pat Metheny whom I respect very highly that he got the exact same compliment. Some love to comment how Pat lost his touch past some late 1970's albums, but for me he's among most versatile and skilled players. Interestingly even John Scofield embraced with his last album the lyrical simplicity. So, a return to the basics. I feel, that Pat never lost either his feeling of direction. In my opinion people stopped to develop, adjust and grow. Its their lost and not Pat's.

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