Evolve HDMI 5.1 Channel DAC by Essence


The Essence™ HDACC© is selling briskly now to consumers looking for a full featured USB DAC with HDMI input, its unique combination of features, performance, and value are impossible to beat. We’ve heard from many who got their USB DAC before the HDACC© came out, telling us they now need a dedicated HDMI DAC just for Blu-ray HD Audio at an affordable price. Not surprisingly, nobody makes one of those……until now.

The new Essence™ Evolve© HDMI 5.1 Channel DAC at $249.95 MSRP is an ingenius solution for HDMI to HDMI repeating with Audio de-embedding and 24/192K digital to analog conversion. It conforms to the HDMI v1.3 specification for the highest resolution uncompressed video at native 1080p and the uncompressed multi-channel soundtrack. This device has advanced firmware allowing audio to be de-embedded without the need to connect the HDMI display (no sync-end required).

Fast Facts:

HDMI Multi-Channel Audio de-embedding with built in repeater (similar to AVRs and PrePros)
HDMI v1.3, HDCP 1.1 Compliant
Supports uncompressed digital LPCM 5.1 or 2 channel and uncompressed Dolby TrueHD and DTS-MasterHD Bitstream through HDMI input and output ports
Supports high definition video input up to 1080p@(24/50/60)Hz; Output resolution follows input resolution. Video pass through, no scaling
HDMI signal amplification and equalization supporting HDMI cable distance of 10m either side of the device at full 1080p
Supports LPCM 24/96K 7.1, 5.1, or 2 channel output through multi-channel analog output ports
Supports Dolby Digital EX 5.1 and LPCM 2 channels output through optical @ 48K
Integrated HDCP encryption for transmitting protected audio and video content
Supports CEC bypass
Advanced firmware allowing audio to be de-embedded without the need to connect to an HDMI display (no sink-end required)
Supports 3D signals
Supports xvYCC

For those of you who just want the best 2 channel stereo content, this is how you adopt Blu-ray for 2 channel audio at the highest resolution, higher than any hi-res downloads. For those who want surround sound without Dolby or DTS processing, this new device ingeniously delivers the uncompressed LPCM 24/96K 5.1 channel soundtrack converted to analog and output from the stereo mini-jacks on a mini-jack to dual-RCA dongle.

It will support up to 7.1 channels of playback too, the rear channels are also the side channels for 7.1 surround sound. There is no software with 7.1 channels of sound, it’s for playback only.

Consumers with older 2 channel analog systems they cherish or cant afford to replace can bridge the digital divide with the growing line of Essence™ Audio Gadgets. Its compact design and affordable price make adopting Blu-ray HD Audio a more practical decision. One Evolve© and a $99 Blu-ray player and you’re in business. 


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