Existence Loudspeakers update

Two strikes

Marko Reinikainen of Existence Loudspeakers just sent me updated info on two great things. First one is the variety of choices for their speakers. You can choose veneers or ask for color you´d prefer.
On the pictures there are few options shown on their Existence Euphoric line with these veneers, but those can be applied to the whole range. 

And the second thing go to the nicer part of human nature: 

"With every sold unit of Enviro series loudspeakers, we give 2% to charity for development aid and homeless.

It might not feel much, but as an example you order a pair of Enviro 1 loudspeakers. We give 2% of dealers purchase price to trusted charity organization which means chickens or series of seeds to village. Or it might mean a possibility of education to a child."


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