FM Acoustics 268C and 222 MK.3

FM Acoustics

My highly respected and experienced friend Dato' Danon just had great experience with new FM Acoustics 268C with room correction and 222 MK.3 phono stage.

His first impressions:

"FM Acoustics touched down in my audio room recently. The Absolute Sound, the FMA representative, came by to install the latest flagship preamp 268C with room correction and 222 MK.3 phonostage. To sum up the experience that night is that we were all gobsmacked by these ultra expensive components, to say the least." 

The head honcho of the FMA crew, Mr.Ben Chia showcased to us the effectiveness of the linearizer feature and room correction feature of the FMA 268C pre amp. These features really bring new life to well known music in my room. Some would even call the experience like "Formula One" racing experience! WOW! 


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