Focal Easya active speakers


Wireless high-fidelity sound

Easya is Focal’s new innovation straddles the Classic and New Media Collections. Indeed, with this new generation of wireless amplified loudspeakers, it was our duty to combine the ease of use with the same remarkable sound quality as our traditional loudspeakers.

This loudspeaker system bearing the "Made in France" label is composed of a Hub and two amplified floor-stan- ding loudspeakers, providing optimal acoustic quality. Two-and-a-half-way bass-reflex loudspeakers, built-in 85W RMS amplifier, Polyglass cone speaker drivers, new TNV2 Aluminium/ Magnesium inverted dome tweeter with Poron suspension...


Easya embodies all the traits of a 100% Focal, high-fidelity loudspeaker providing a seamless soundstage with admirable spatialisation, an essential quality to ensure your listening pleasure.

The installation and use of Easya correspond perfectly with the new uses of dematerialised music: everything is directly built into the loudspeaker, so external amplifiers or cables are no longer required.

The wireless Hub is a digital trans- mitter sending sound signals to the loudspeakers, and thanks to Kleer® technology, there’s no loss in quality or compression. What distinguishes Easya even more in Focal’s range of products is the strong identity of its design, setting it apart from the previous traditional ranges.

The curved design, created by the design firm Pineau & le Porcher, the Aluminium stand and the built-in LED, make Easya a product with definite high-perceived value.

Focal has taken a step forward with Easya, focusing on the ways we consume dematerialised music today, and on making Focal’s famous "Spirit of Sound" more accessible than ever before.

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