G-Source (Genesis Music Source)

Genesis new

Another product that is new for CES 2014 is the G-Source (Genesis Music Source). 

"We have been demo-ing with a music server since CES 2006 - when we were laughed it. Since then, we've published a series of server 'recipes' and have even conducted server-building workshops for the local audio society. Unfortunately, we continue to receive requests to sell one."

The G-Source is the answer. It is different from what's available (and the various published recipes) in a number of significant ways:

1) Instead of taking Windows and stripping it down, it starts with Linux and is built up.
2) It's got a built-in 'starter' DAC with transformer-decoupled and galvanically isolated analog output.
3) Built-in linear power supply.
4) DLNA, uPnP compatible
5) OS agnostic. Control it with either Android or iOS apps (there are quite a few compatible ones)
6) Format agnostic. I've deliberately NOT provided a format & sampling rate display as I find that too many people are too obsessed with the format and ignoring the music.

It's EXPENSIVE - to encourage you to build your own. The latest recipe (not for the G-Source obviously) is available on the Genesis website.

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