Gary Graffman - The Complete Album Collection Box Set

Box Set 

Sony Classical celebrates Gary Graffman American pianist, teacher of piano and music administrator with the first-ever release of Graffman's complete recordings in a 24 CDs limited original jacket collection. When RCA Red Seal released the first Graffman recordings in 1956 Schubert's "Wanderer" Fantasy and Prokofiev's Piano Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3 the pianist was 28 years old. Now, after more than 50 years, this debut recording is being released for the first time on CD, together with 13 more LPs worth of music, all newly remastered from the original analogue tapes.

Included in Gary Graffman The Complete Album Collection are notable performances of Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (1964 with Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic), Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto (1966 with George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra), Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, Prokofiev Piano Sonatas and one of the first recordings in the West of Tchaikovsky's Second and Third Piano Concertos (with Ormandy). His solo recital repertoire is represented by a generous selection of Brahms (including the Paganini Variations), Chopin, Liszt and Schumann (Carnaval and the Symphonic Etudes). There is also a reissue of what may be Graffman's most widely heard recorded performance George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue from the soundtrack of the 1979 Woody Allen movie Manhattan.

Set contents:
DISC 1 LM-2012 Schubert - Wanderer Fantasie; Prokofiev - Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3
DISC 2 LM-2138 Prokofiev - Concerto No. 3 - Classical Symphony - San Franisco Symphony - Enrique Jorda
DISC 3 LM-2190 Schumann - Sonata in G Minor, Op. 22 - Symphonic Etudes
DISC 4 LSC-2274 Brahms - Concerto No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 15 - Boston Symphony - Munch
DISC 5 LSC-2304 Chopin - Ballades Nos. 1-4, Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise, Op. 22
DISC 6 LSC-2396 Beethoven - Concerto No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 37 - Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Walter Hendl
DISC 7 LSC-2443 Gary Graffman plays Liszt
DISC 8 LSC-2468 Chopin - Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 11 - Mendelssohn - Cappricio brillant, Op. 22 - Boston Symphony Orchestra - Charles Munch
DISC 9 LSC-2488 Fauré: Sonata No. 1 in A, Op. 13; Debussy: Sonata No. 3 in G Minor - Berl Senosky, Violin
DISC 10 MS 6391 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Balakirev: Islamey
DISC 11 MS 6444 Prokofiev: Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3; Rachmaninov
DISC 12 LSC-2715 Brahms: Piano Trio in C, Op. 87; Beethoven: Piano Trio in G, Op. 121 a - Berl Senofsky - Shirley Trepel
DISC 13 MS 6634 Rachmaninoff: Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18; Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, Op. 43 - New York Philharmonic - Leonard Bernstein
DISC 14 MS 6735 Schubert: Wanderer Fantasie; Sonata in C Minor, Op. Posth. (D. 958)
DISC 15 MS 6755 Tchaikovsky: Concerto No. 2 in G Major, Op. 44; Concerto No. 3 in E-Flat, Op. 75 - The Philadelphia Orchestra - Eugene Ormandy
DISC 16 MS 6925 Prokofiev: Concerto No. 3 in C, Op. 26; Concerto No. 1 in D-Flat, Op. 10; Sonata No. 3 in A Minor, Op. 28 - The Cleveland Orchestra - George Szell
DISC 17 MS 6978 Schumann: Carnaval, Op. 9; Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13
DISC 18 MS 7276 Brahms: Variations on a theme by Paganini, Op. 35; Variations and Fugue, Op. 24
DISC 19 MS 7339 Tchaikovsky: Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 23 - The Cleveland Orchestra - George Szell
DISC 20 M 30078 Beethoven: Sonata No. 21 in C Major, Op. 53 "Waldstein"; Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57 "Appassionata"
DISC 21 M 31934 Graffman plays Chopin - 25th Anniversary Season
DISC 22 M 33890 Beethoven: Sonata No. 31, Op. 110 & Sonata No. 32, Op. 111
DISC 23 Y 35203 Piano Music Of Bartok, Prokofiev And Lees
DISC 24 JS 36020 Music From the Woody Allen Film "Manhattan" New York Philharmonic - Zubin Mehta

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