Le Son LS001 - Streamer / DAC


Le Son LS001 - Streamer / DAC.
  • ž asynchronous endpoint for USB and LAN jitter-free playback
  • ž bit-perfect data transmission over USB and LAN
  • ž support for high definition PCM and DSD audio
  • ž perfect clocking concept
  • ž ultra-low jitter oscillators, outstanding phase noise characteristics
  • ž 8x oversampling process, linear phase filter
  • ž 4 DACs in twin dual-mono mode
  • ž very low-noise power supply, more than 30 voltage regulators
  • ž full discrete mirror output stage, class A, no global feedback
  • ž high-performance headphone output

Technical data:


Size: 426 x 90 x 320 mm

Power consumption

standby: <1w br="">idle: <30w br="">
Control & firmware update

USB-A port for memory stick


Network streaming

RJ45 connector for wired LAN

UPnP™ AV 2.0 / DLNA

asychronous, jitter-free and bit-perfect audio data transmission

supported formats WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC, WMA, DSF, DFF
PCM up to 192kHz 24-bit
DXD up to 384kHz 32-bit (dès 2014)
DSD 1-bit at 2.8224MHz (DSD64)

1-bit at 5.6448MHz (DSD128)

USB streaming

USB-B port

Audio Class 2.0 (drivers for Windows provided)

asychronous, jitter-free and bit-perfect audio data transmission

PCM up to 192kHz 24-bit
DSD (via DoP) 1-bit at 2.8224MHz

Digital audio inputs

2x coaxial S/PDIF on RCA

optical S/PDIF on Toslink

I2S on HDMI connector

Analog outputs

unbalanced RCA 3.0V RMS (75Ω output impedance)
balanced XLR 6.0V RMS (150Ω output impedance)
headphones 3.0V RMS (2.7Ω output impedance)

Frequency response

+/- 0.1dB DC to 20kHz

Signal to noise ratio

SNR (A-weighted) >120dB

Total harmonic distortion

THD + N, 0dBFS, 24-bit <0 .001="" br="">

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