MIT Cables New Power Conditioning Series


High-performance manufacturer MIT Cables, announces the availability of a broad line of new power conditioning products. Known for nearly 30 years for its top of the line Reference audio cable products featuring outboard passive parallel networks to optimize poles of articulation and efficiency of power transfer, MIT is also well-known for its patented AC Filterpole technology. Today MIT is launching the first of a new range of Z-Power AC filtration products, building on the successful past products with even better performance and a more extensive selection.

MIT’s Z-Series power filtration products use patented parallel AC Filterpoles, which are tuned networks which actually eliminate reflected noise by efficiently absorbing all forms of AC noise, and convert it to harmless thermal heat. This is done by creating a very low impedance across the load at a variety of frequencies corresponding to sources of unwanted noise. This removes everything but the actual power line frequency, and is a patented technology.

The result? Once the Z-Power circuitry protects an AV system, you will instantly enjoy “blacker” blacks, better color saturation, and increased shadow detail; movie sound tracks will deliver more articulate dialog, Foley sounds, and background music with theater-like quality. Because your audio system has a lower noise floor, you will enjoy pinpoint audio image placement within a lifelike soundstage, with smoother highs and deeper bass response.

Power Factor Correction, another MIT patented technology as it relates to audio equipment, ensures that all of the energy supplied by the mains is consumed by the load, and none is reflected back to the source. By correcting the Power Factor, many MIT ZSeries products ensure that your noise floor is even lower, and that you will use less power for the same work, prolong the lifespan of your components, and not limit the current to your system for best performance.
The new Z-Power series will feature three product categories. First products are:

Power Cords

SL Z-Cord 3fp (starting at $349/2M cord) is a high-quality IEC power cord with an integral AC noise trap using three FilterPoles. These filters are optimized to trap and remove the RFI interference so prevalent because of all the digital equipment being used today.
SL Matrix Z-Cord 6fp (starting at $699/2M cord) steps up to a 14AWG construction capable of handling 15-amp currents, so is suitable for larger power amplifiers and other components with higher current draw. Its noise trap uses six FilterPoles and Power Factor Correction, adding extra filters designed to clean up specific AC line noise harmonics, as well as reaching into the video frequency range.

Plug-in Modules

SL Z-Plug 3 ($199) is a very basic plug-in module, with three FilterPoles in a housing with an AC plug on the back. Simply plug it into any outlet or AC strip/surge protector being used to power an AV system or any office electronics, and it will instantly clean up the RFI interference and improve the performance of your equipment. No installation needed, no calculations, just plug it in and enjoy the results.

SL Z-Plug 6 ($349) is a larger version of the Z-Plug 3, housing six FilterPoles and Power Factor Correction for broader power conditioning in the same way as described above with the power cords.

Free-Standing Power Conditioners
SL Z-Pod ($699) is the first in a new line of free-standing power conditioners, designed to improve the sound and picture of the very best AV systems. The Z-Pod is a basic module with two high-current outlets, a resettable fuse, and an IEC power inlet. Like all Z-Power products, it utilizes our patented parallel AC FilterPoles, in this case six for broad noise reduction capability. It also has a greater degree of Power Factor Correction than in the power cords and plug-in modules for even better performance.

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