Pass Labs 8 point series

Point 8

Designed for music lovers and even most demanding audiophiles, Pass Labs approaches the listeners of the music like never before. 8 point series are the summary of experience in amplifier design with  elegantly expressed company philosophy of more power, more progress and more music.

Seven years in the making, the 8 point series demonstrates company belief that the best products must be carefully adjusted until all its components works in harmony - so they're subjectively tuned.Not satisfied with the measures on their own, Pass submit to their amplifiers in reference to an extensive process of listen rigorously to six different sound systems in offering extreme musical experiences.

As a result, the amplifiers shine through innovation. For example, the larger size of the 8 point series output stages, explores more deeply class A operation region. Their biggest push-pull class A offer a low distortion and additional control on the loudspeaker in normal listening levels. And higher power, much more than usual, MOSFETS increase operation in class A, while they work to fractions of their declared specifications to improve performance and reliability.

The new Series point 8 include 10 new models and 5 in class A - XA200.8, XA160.8, XA100.8, XA60.8, XA30.8 - 5 in class a/b - X600.8, X350.8, X250.8, X260.8 and X150.8.

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