Silbatone P-300 Push Pull 300B Mono Amplifiers


The world of audio has enjoyed a great revival of directly heated triode amplifiers, however the strengths of push-pull triode amps have been virtually neglected in the modern era. After all, the push-pull 300B Western Electric Model 86 was the premium theater amp of its day and the very famous single-ended WE 91 was an economy version!

The P-300 is our first entry into the push-pull 300B arena. This new direct-coupled, three-stage design conceived to bring the best of the 1930s into the third millennium. Although we are SE specialists, the power and dynamic accuracy of push-pull with the smooth and musical flavor of a great 300B amp provides a very exciting listening experience.

The Silbatone P-300 amplifier circuit offers a very innovative design approach with an underlying classic flavor. We use a differential pair of Western Electric 310A pentodes, driving an RCA 6C8-G dual triode in a cross-coupled local feedback arrangement.

This circuit is self-balancing for AC signals, providing long term stability and very high technical performance. The output stage has a separate power supply and no global feedback is used.

This amplifier is entirely direct-coupled with no capacitors in the signal path. Only silver wire and tubes are found in the signal path from the input jack to the silver foil output transformer.

Build quality of the P-300 exceeds that of all other amplifiers manufactured to date.
The two-piece chassis design affords a high degree of isolation between power supply and audio circuitry. The massive and finely-detailed chassis provide an anti-resonant foundation to avoid problems with environmental vibration.

Our goal with the Silbatone P-300 Mono Amplifiers is to do something very special to celebrate the glory of push-pull 300B's, the premier audio power tube of all time.
Production of this presentation-quality instrument will be strictly limited to five pairs maximum.

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