Synergistic Research XOT Crossover Transducer


Introducing the latest application of our UEF Technology (Uniform Energy Field Technology) initially developed for HFTs- High Frequency Transducers and FEQ- Frequency equalizer.

XOTs are high frequency filters for speaker crossovers that terminate directly to the leads of your speakers. XOTs deliver a significant increase in resolution accompanied by a lowering of your systems noise floor for more holographic sound. Terminated in either spade or banana connections, XOTs are sold with a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. Introductory retail $399 US per pair.

Synergistic Research XOTs deliver:
・A significant increase in resolution
・A lowering of your systems noise floor
・More holographic and natural soundstage
・Terminated in either spade or banana connections

XOT – Crossover Transducer
$399 US per pair

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