Thomas Mayer Shellac variable EQ phono preamplifier

Shellac EQ

Thomas Mayer upcoming variable EQ phono preamplifier, that will be exclusive for Shellac mono recordings.

"Many different combinations had been in use. In order to implement a preamp which can reproduce all of them correctly, it makes sense to use two separate selector switches for rumble shelf/turnover and treble roll off. This way all the settings can be implemented with practical 12 position switches.
Of course such an implementation will allow combinations which had never been used, so the setting should be done according to a list as the one mentioned above."

An advantage of such a dual switch set up is the possibility to also fine tune the sound and deliberately use a 'wrong' setting as a tone control. For example a roll off setting with less attenuation could be used to boost high frequencies a bit for dull sounding records or to attenuate it if it is too bright sounding.
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