Tube of the month 6X5


Our friend Thomas Mayer presents tube of the month. This time it's another small rectifier suitable for preamps. I have mostly been using the 6BY5 for that. Last year I introduced the 6AX5 which has the advantage of lower heater current. There is another rectifier which needs even less heater power, the 6X5. With it's moderate 0.6A heater current this tube is perfect for use in preamps when space is restricted and only small power transformers can be used.

The tube has an octal base. The pinout is shown on the left. Like the 6AX5 it is a full wave rectifier with two plates and a single, common cathode. It can deliver up to 70mA of DC current and up to 400V output voltage which should be good enough for most preamplifiers. See the data sheet for all technical parameters. The tube would be good to be used in myOctal line preamplifier or Octal phono preamplifier. Other suitable applications would be in power amps which use separate supplies for driver and output stage. The 6X5 could power the driver and/or input stages. If space is restricted the 6X4 could be used instead which is very similar but in a smaller envelope and on 7 pin miniature base.

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Tube of the Month : The 6X5

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