Arkana Physical Research Fortunae Rota speakers cables

Fortunae Rota

Fortunae Rota speakers cables from Arkana Physical Research. The engineers of Arkana Physical Research have an extensive working experience in the field of electrical engineering and material science. Based on a long-term theoretical and practical research work, they proved a high potential of building the cables for the audio systems from the new types of conductors of various rare metals, which have never been used earlier in the global High-End audio industry.

The Arkana metals, are distinguished through their stable properties in a wide frequency range. Their bandpass can reach 10 GHz. A drastic reduction of a skin effect influence and extremely low values of per unit length for capacity and inductance of selected metals cause the absence of the phase shifts typical for conventional materials, which minimizes a group delay time of signal in the Arkana cables. The combination of the above properties provides a coherent and perfectly linear character of musical signal transmission.

Galvanic cleaning, annealing and polishing of the conductors surface, as well as stabilization of their crystal structure made it possible for us to fix and even strengthen the above mentioned unique properties. TheArkana cables are mono-cores of different rare metals of the highest purity with carefully dimensioned cross-section. High quality Teflon is applied as an insulation material with a minimal dielectric permittivity factor.

In designing the Arkana cables, our team paid special attention to the cable connectors and mains plugs produced by the leading global manufacturers. Our experts in various high class systems spent thousands of hours testing a large quantity of the Arkana cables prototypes , which allowed us to define the best metal-connector combinations. According to our specifications, we use the connectors of WBT Nextgen manufactured in Germany in the interconnecting cables. Exclusive Japanese hand-made connectors anodized by the rare metals are applied in Arkana’s flagship interconnecting cables. The mains plugs are based on the ones produced by the Japanese company Oyaide. Their various connectors were carefully selected according to their sound properties. Of all the connectors for the audio cables, the models of Oyaide, WBT and Acoustic Revive showed perfect results.

The work done has allowed us to configure and offer the complete range of interconnecting, mains and audio cables for all fans of High-End audio systems. These cables are distinguished through an exemplary linearity of musical signal transmission, the highest micro and macro dynamic resolution, and at the same time they provide a unique sand continuity and emotionality. Every Arkana cable consists of audio components thoroughly selected and dimensioned for the best sound and recommended for commutation of the high classHigh-End systems.

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