Chord Company new Silent Mounts

Silent Mounts

Since the introduction of spikes on the bottom of equipment tables, speakers and speaker stands there has been the problem of ensuring that everything is solid and level without damaging the floor. Over the years we have seen solutions ranging from coins through to purpose made hifi floor protectors.

The Silent Mount Floor Protectors, are definitely something very special. We were so excited when we first heard them that we have decided to import them exclusively from Japan. They are certainly not cheap, with a range of different products available from smaller Aluminium spike mounts right up to the range topping, beautiful Titanium stand spike mounts.

Technically, they appear simple, however the combination of materials, shape and complex construction, underlines the many hours of research that have gone into the finished article. The difference that they will make to your system is astonishing. To decide if they will have the positive impact on your system we believe, you will need to hear them for yourself.

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