Esoteric speed up data transfer with D1 DACS

Esoteric all the way

Mighty trio of Esoteric shipping in April are: SACD/CD transport that uses a pair of HDMI cables to transport 352.8kHz/48-bit PCM, DSD and double-DSD digital audio to a pair of monoblock DACs.

Previously DSD, 176kHz/24-bit PCM, and 352.8kHz/24-bit PCM was transferred through the double XLR's from an SACD/CD transport to a stereo DAC.

Esoteric is revealing a new proprietary data-transmission format called ES-LINK4 that will transmit ultra-wideband signals between the transport and the new mono block DAC's.

The transport spots a separate power supply and pair of HDMI cables to connect to two D1 DACs. Company claims, that dual-mono configuration brings the richer stereo image and greater sonic depth.

Esoteric’s ES-LINK4 data-transmission technology enables the transport to perform a large amount of digital signal processing to reduce the processing load on the DAC. Both of the components have an implemented proprietary 36-bit D/A processing algorithm for converting PCM signals to analog signals with full 36-bit resolution. Esoteric supposed to be the first high-end audio company to offer 36-bit D/A processing.

Esoteric continues, how resolution of 32-bit encoding is 256 times higher than that of 24-bit encoding and the 36-bit encoding boost resolution to 16 times higher. In this regard 36-bit resolution is 4,096 times higher than the resolution of 24-bit encoding and should make all the little details in recordings much more audible.

For further enhancing resolution and details Esoteric D1 monaural DAC's, all analog circuits are electrically and mechanically separated from the digital circuits. 


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