Ictra design para-L-yse audio rack

New para-L-yse

Veit Herget of Herget Projekte just sent info about Ictra design para-L-yse new hand made high-end audio rack product line from Germany, that its priced from 950 to 19.200 EUR. Check the info and pictures below to get the insight into this elaborated approach.

"The various interactions between the substrate and device based on physical effects, which , if ever, compete only with very great effort and can be converted with even greater effort in equations. On the other hand, it is important to eliminate the influences of the structure-borne noise and to protect the devices against micro phonics. In addition to a clear understanding of the physical processes, the use of numerical simulation and optimisation methods as well as elaborate measurements in acoustics laboratory mainly involved listening and comparing was being executed."

The structure

A para- L- yse audio furniture is fundamentally different from other design principles. The essential idea behind the construction is the decoupling of individual mass overshoots and the avoidance of mutual loading. Each device in the chain of a sound system as well as each component of the sub - construction (for example, a hi-fi racks) provides a swinging itself. Usually, all devices will be placed in a cabinet next to each other  whereby mechanical interactions are inevitable. The para-L-yse concept begins with separate furniture that allow a separate placement of different types of devices. Thus, a record player is a completely isolated set up and operated by components that react sensitively to microphonic. The concept is based on a sub-chassis design and provides complete mechanical decoupling from structure-borne noise. Different elements of the structure, their interactions and the mechanical manufacturing process were simulated using the finite element method( FEM) and iteratively optimised.

The perfection is the main idea. Perfection down to the smallest detail. Perfection in design, form and function. Almost thirty years experience of engineering teams in dealing with materials and modern development methods, coupled with the of enthusiasm of music and hi-fi lovers after years of intensive work produced a ictra design para-L-yse audio rack.



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